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“Great Guy, Amazing Lawyer!! Jay is amazing to say the least, he is exceptional in the courtroom. He understand the severity of my case and what it meant for my employment. He went over and beyond to handle my case - and the charges ultimately dropped. He kept me updated throughout the entire process. He is definitely worth every penny paid. You won’t be disappointed by hiring Jaymes. His attentive to detail is far more than others, and he will treat your case as if he really cares because in my opinion he does. It’s not just about the money with Jaymes!”

— Brittany

“Jay helped me through my DUI which could have been devastating. I was obviously scared and had no idea what to expect. He made it very clear how serious it could be, and what my alternatives could be. He was thorough and kept me informed as much as he could. I felt confident in his commitment to my case throughout the process, and HIGHLY recommend him!”

— Anonymous

“Great to talk to! As well as very knowledgeable and can get you the help you need.”

— Marcus F.

“Great guy! Great job! Represented me pro bono on a recent case that was a total joke. Dismissed before I ever even saw a judge. I would highly recommend his services and plan to refer others if needed.”

— Kimberly

“My experience with Mr. Moreland was great. He communicates well, does his what he can to get the best results and is very reasonable. Highly recommended.”

— Jarvis C.

“Jay represented me on a matter and I could not have been more pleased with the outcome. Superb professional, understood my concerns and worked expeditiously to resolve the matter. I highly recommend Moreland Law Firm. - John M.”

— John M.

“Jay represented us on a matter. He communicates very well and is very professional. We were never left wondering the next steps. I would highly recommend Moreland Law Firm. We were very pleased with his services and the outcome of out case. ”

— Meghan W.

“Attorney Jay Moreland was professional, calm , and confident, he assured me , he would get my legal issue resolved and he did so. It is my opinion that, if you are needing legal representation, he would be the Attorney to seek as legal counsel on your behalf. Thank you Attorney, J. Moreland. ”

— Cheryl N.

"He is the best they fear him got my case thrown out he help exposed the corruption in Nashville police. He is a great Lawery I would seek his counsel."

— T.V.

Super professional. Helped me take care of my case smoothly and I didn’t have to worry. Highly recommend. Thanks again Mr Moreland.

— Luke B.

"I reached out to Jay Moreland due to a pending domestic assault case. When speaking to him over the phone he spoke to me with reassurance and confidence. It made me feel so much better after speaking with him. He took care of everything beforehand and prompt with his work ,he represented me on every court date so that i didn't have to attend. I get a message on my final court date afterwards saying case dismissed and got my record expunged. I would highly recommend him as a Criminal Lawyer!!!! Splendid job Sir!"

— Tiffany H.

"Jay Moreland was very respectful and professional. He helped me understand the process we were going through great communication and compassion. He made me feel safe and I knew I could rely on him with my issues. I really appreciate him for helping me in my stressful situation. Truly a good man to have at your side."

— Joey O.

"Not only is Jay Mooreland humble, generational and legal royalty he is the best at what he does. I was facing 45 years in prison for inappropriate texting with a minor and he essentially diverted me from even having to discuss the details (much less a trial) to probation without jail time and no name on the registry. He has an amazing relationship with the prosecutors even though everyone walked away from the table feeling like we were stung by jellyfish. He knows how to settle a case and restore your life. I would recommend anyone facing criminal charges work with this attorney."

— Anonymous

"Mr Jay Moreland was Very professional and straightforward. Sent over my contract almost immediately got my information and went to work, Very well spoken and articulate got my case dismissed in the first hearing. Overall experience was very pleasant. 5stars would definitely recommend."

— Karstea J.

"Attorney J. Mooreland was great from beginning to end! I recommend him for any of your criminal needs. He was very professional and very thorough about everything,any questions that needed answered he answered with the right answers and knowledge! I Thank him so much for helping me rest easy and get back on track."

— LaRhonda W>

"Jay is the man !!! Thanks again ! I appreciated the communication as well."

— Cruz D.

"Amazing, brilliant, and intelligent person who won our case. He has such a charming and down to earth personality and is our hero today. Thank you."

— Beverley W.

"They best money I ever spent got my charges dismissed"

— Justice V.

"Jaymes was fantastic! He communicated very well and was professional. He explained everything happening in detail and made sure to answer all questions we had in a very timely manner."

— Stacy M.

"My family had a legal issue that occurred suddenly and it was clear from the start that it was unfair and deeply inaccurate. Nevertheless, it was also clear that we needed a top notch attorney to help us navigate through the false claim. I read the reviews on-line and after much research and prayers. I called Jay Moreland. Jay answered the call and after discussing the issue, he graciously agreed to help. Jay is a consummate professional and an extremely intelligent and experienced lawyer. Jay understands the judicial system extremely well and his deep knowledge, commitment to his client and sound counsel confirmed immediately that we were in great hands. It is clear that he sincerely cares for his clients. It is also clear that Judges and other attorneys greatly respect him (I don't believe this is common in the legal field). Jay patiently guided us through the process and my family is deeply indebted to Jay because he was able to achieve a favorable outcome in court and I am so glad I listened and followed his instructions. I tried repeatedly to pay Jay more for his legal services and he adamantly refused. What he did do is tirelessly support my family, listen to our concerns and do his absolute best to address them. He was always there for my family and I can't thank him enough for being such a remarkable attorney and human being. From day one, he was there for us and always immediately answered calls and texts. Should I, or anyone I know, ever have any legal troubles (prayerfully not), we will be consulting Jay again. He's worth his weight in gold and I sincerely believe he is one the best lawyers in Nashville, TN, if not the entire state. Should anyone ask me what lawyer to go to, I will refer them to Jay because he is that good! Jay Moreland, I believe you reflect all that is good in our legal system and your passion, intelligence, deep knowledge of the law, commitment to your client, and personal integrity set the standard for excellence for all attorneys across the State and Nation, thank you for everything!"

— Anonymous

"Very professional. Took care of everything from A to Z. Would recommend to anyone. Helped me on a life changing situation."

— Brandon S.

"Jay Mooreland was great help on my case. Very knowledgeable and very easy to communicate with. Highly recommended!"

— Tsunamiik

"Jay was fantastic, a great choice for representation. He was very well communicated and professional, and did a great job from start to finish, and took the time to get to know what was going on. Would highly recommend to anyone who needs help!"

— Nick S.

"Jay Moreland came through in the clutch. I can’t say that he would always be able to do this, but this is what he did for me and I am eternally grateful. I contacted him on Saturday morning for a court date for the upcoming Monday. He cared about getting my case taken care of and was very helpful in walking me through what I could expect. He was patient with my questions, listened to my concerns, and assured me what he was able to do. Nothing short of amazing in such a short amount of time. He got my case handled on Monday and was with me every step of the way. If I could give Jay 10 stars, I would. He is getting 5 stars for sure. I highly recommend Jay Moreland. He’s got your back and is great at his job. Thank you again, Jay Moreland!!!"

— Anthony R.