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Sex Crime Defense Attorney Serving Nashville, Tennessee

Sex crimes can start as mere allegations or flat-out lies. The allegations can often accompany emotional reactions that can be inflated. You can be arrested and have your life fall apart over just the word of an alleged victim sometimes without any other form of evidence. Due to the taboo nature of the allegations and the pressure that comes with a claim of victimhood, investigations may not be as thorough as they should be and can be ended with a rush to judgment by the police.

If you have been charged with a sex crime or have been asked to speak with a detective or law enforcement, you must protect yourself, your rights, your reputation, and most importantly your freedom.

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A conviction for a sex crime can lead to a long jail or prison sentence. After that sentence, you can be subject to a lifetime of reporting as a sex offender.

The seriousness of the allegations should be matched only by the seriousness of your defense. The evidence should be dissected by an attorney with the appropriate experience and the skill and stomach to fight next to you to protect your good name. Call Jay Moreland for help bringing the truth to light and get competent counsel.