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Domestic Violence Defense Attorney Serving Nashville, Tennessee

Domestic violence charges can take many forms. When a spouse, family member, or significant other has called the police and made allegations, you need someone that can navigate the justice system to protect your rights and give you the best chance at your desired result. You need a domestic violence attorney such as Jay Moreland.

Domestic Assault Convictions Can:

1. Stay on your record.
2. Result in jail time.
3. Result in an Order of Protection.
4. Keep you from your family and kids.
5. Make you lose your 2nd Amendment rights.
6. Cost you your job.

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When planning your defense, your attorney should be able to integrate your side of the story into the defense from the beginning. If you have found yourself accused of domestic violence, you need to protect your interests and begin taking the best steps to ensure the correct results.

Domestic violence can be classified as harassment, stalking, vandalism, domestic assault, aggravated domestic assault, order of protection violations, spousal rape, child abuse or neglect, kidnapping, false imprisonment, criminal contempt, interference with a 911 call, homicide, and many others. If the State of Tennessee is going to prosecute you, you need a domestic violence attorney that defends these types of accusations regularly.

Skilled Legal Support

Jay Moreland, a seasoned domestic violence attorney in Nashville, appears in court weekly defending against abuse allegations and working with clients to protect their rights and get quality results. Results matter and there are many different paths to a positive result if your attorney knows how to navigate domestic violence court procedures.