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When you are charged with a crime, a bond is set to ensure your appearance at future court dates and to protect the public at large. No one wants to sit in jail waiting on a trial and it is much easier to fight charges and help defend your case when you are free. Oftentimes, bonds are set without any input from the person charged or the defense. This can result in high bond amounts that are difficult to make for many families.

If you need a bond reduction, your attorney can petition the court with a motion to reduce the bond. The Court is required to take into account

  • your ties to the community,

  • the nature of your charges,

  • your employment history and educational history,

  • your prior criminal history,

  • your financial conditions, and

  • your reputation.

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Your attorney can help to ensure that a Court sets a fair bond while taking into account all the bail factors and hearing from the defense’s perspective.

If your bond is over $75,000, a bond source is required to show that the funds that will be used to make your bond are legitimate and not from any sort of criminal activity or enterprise. Your attorney can work with you and your loved ones to get the necessary documentation to the judge so that you may make bond as soon as possible.